Kajo | ceiling lamp (2023)


A ceiling lamp with wooden straws was designed in collaboration with AQ Group, a Japanese wooden housing company.

The company contributes to the plastic waste reduction by replacing the plastic straws on the market with wooden straws produced by applying their traditional wood plane shaving technique. However, the market requires the handmade product to be of extremely high quality for the consumers' safety.

The lamp utilizes the straws that are defective and unable to be on the market. The sheet metal structure, which is all mechanically fastened, allows for the fixture of straws without any adhesive or screwing.

The concept was inspired by "kajo" the glimmering of a sun in the Finnish birch forest. The double layer of wooden straws provides the living space with a soft indirect light while casting a mesmerizing pattern on the lampshade.


AQ Group: https://www.aqura.co.jp/company/
wooden straw: https://www.aqura.co.jp/kinostraw/en/ 

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