Lähde | loudspeaker (2023)


The experience of audio used to be strongly connected to visuals and fashion. Vinyls came with beautiful covers as if they were already pieces of art, and the movement of the turntable gave a visual idea of the source of the sound.

The cast-concrete loudspeaker, Lähde, takes over the look of a turning table to become a fashionable “protagonist” of a room that defines the style of interior coordination with a touch of classics.

The main body is casted with 20-mm-thick concrete, and mid-high-frequency sound is shot upward through the co-axial driver against the brass-casted accoustic lens. Low-frequency sound is boomed downward through the oval subwoofer as it is a non-directional soundwave. The passive radiator that looks identical to the subwoofer maximizes the woofer in a concrete speaker box with a small volume.

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